Casa Culture

A collection of creative content about all things Italian … and the foundation’s historic mansion.

Cats in Italy – beloved and protected

Italians love cats so much that there are laws to […]

The Easter Pies of Italy

Many traditional foods of Easter are famously rich, a gustatory […]

Carnevale in Italy: Parties, parades, and practical jokes

Around the world just before Lent, many Carnevale celebrations feature […]

Valentine’s Day Traditions in Italy

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world, […]

How to Express Your Love in Italian

Click below for a short lesson on how to show […]

The Italian Presepio: From St. Francis to Casa Belvedere 

The Italian Cultural Foundation at Casa Belvedere annually displays the […]

No one covered the fig tree

The author of this essay is unknown, but the words […]

The bellissima style of Italian names

By Joyce Venezia Suss  Editor’s Note: The membership lists for […]

A trip back home: A day in deserted Rome

By Beatrice Alecci, Program Director for the Italian Cultural Foundation at […]

Cani Italiani: Italian dog breeds 

Dogs have been bred for thousands of years around the […]

A trip back home: Lago di Resia and Lago di Vico

By Beatrice Alecci, Program Director for the Italian Cultural Foundation at […]

Ferragosto: When almost every Italian starts vacation

No other Italian holiday lasts as long as Ferragosto, which technically is […]

The basics of bocce

Playing bocce on the groomed courts at Casa Belvedere is […]

Seven reasons why Italians should embrace yoga

Italians are fond of using a Latin proverb – Mens sana in corpore sano – a […]

Italy’s Infiorate: Ephemeral floral masterpieces 

A beautiful Italian tradition takes place every spring in towns across […]

Italian Wedding Traditions

Every country has wedding traditions passed down from generation to generation, and […]

May 1st: Celebrating Festa del Lavoro

Many European countries – including Italy – celebrate International Workers Day on May […]

Naples: A not-to-miss city in Italy

Tourists who visit Italy typically include Rome, Venice and Florence […]

Garlic: An Italian Love/Hate Relationship

It’s not uncommon to see braids of garlic displayed in Italian restaurants and […]

From private home to cultural center: Transforming a 1908 NYC landmark into a public institution

Historical compilation by Gina Biancardi  The early 19th century was a […]

Laura Stirn and the Women’s Suffrage Movement

By Gina Biancardi The mansion at 79 Howard Avenue that […]

Italian Actors From Staten Island

Italian actors from Staten Island Compiled by Joyce Venezia Suss […]

One mile away: How a mansion can help its low-income neighbors 

By Gina Biancardi  Come and take a stroll through Nonno’s […]

Italy’s Extravagant Chocolate Easter Eggs

The tradition of uova di Pasqua al cioccolato  Chocolate bunnies are the traditional Easter treat […]

Celebrating Dante, Father of the Italian Language

Celebrating Dante, “Father of the Italian Language” The Italian Cultural […]

Celebrating Easter in Italy

Celebrating Easter in Italy Easter in Italy is a fervently […]

Celebrating St. Joseph’s Day

By Gina Biancardi Whether you’re of Italian origin or not, […]

Italy’s Coffee Culture

Invigorating sounds of spirited conversations, the hissing of the milk […]

The “Bella Figura”

Bella Figura …  A Strong Influence in the Italian Culture […]

Italy’s Car Culture

By Joyce Venezia Suss Italy’s reputation for fabulous food and […]

The Role of Mothers in Italy

Il ruolo della mamma italiana Many mothers in Italy embrace […]

Nonno’s Garden

Nonno’s Garden – A Culture of Gardening By Gina Biancardi Food […]

Italian Hand Gestures and Greetings

Italians are blessed with a colorful culture, and are famous […]

Women’s Suffrage in the United States – and Staten Island

Almost 100 years ago, American women were finally granted the […]

Naples Culinary Tour

Naples Culinary Tour Many legendary Italian culinary specialties originated in […]

Italian Fathers

In the United States, Father’s Day is celebrated every June. […]

Summer Music Festivals in Italy

Warm weather, music, and amazing Summer music festivals are popular […]

Explore the Mountains in the Summer

In Montagna d’estate Italy is home to mountain ranges with […]

Italy’s Gorgeous Lakes

I Laghi Italiani Italy is blessed with amazing lakes that […]

Il Palio di Siena

A bareback horse race and more! Tourists visit Italy for […]

Relax in Italian Countryside Farmhouses

Relax in campagna in un agriturismo! Italy’s cities offer cultural […]

The Charming and Sophisticated Beauty of Modena

Have you ever heard of Modena? Located in the region […]

Benefits of learning a new language – at any age

By Joyce Venezia Suss  Both children and adults benefit from learning a […]