Dear Casa Belvedere Family,

The year 2023 brought unparalleled vibrancy and achievement
for the Italian Cultural Foundation at Casa Belvedere. With
approximately 170 captivating programs that attracted over
10,000 visitors, Casa Belvedere has truly become a Staten Island
beacon of arts and culture. Our 2023 tapestry of activities catered
to diverse interests: Music and Film Screenings Under the Stars;
Adult and Children’s Cooking & Language Classes; and many
arts, cultural and social programs. We also hosted the first annual
Harvest Fest: Tomato Sauce Jarring, a heartwarming community
celebration of shared traditions.

In the realm of higher education, in 2023 we proudly launched the
First Annual College-Bound Students’ Scholarship Program,
awarding $10,000 over four years to two worthy high-school
seniors. The NIAF sponsored Voyage of Discovery allowed us to
send a local high school senior to Italy. And the Italian American
Future Leaders Conference in Fort Lauderdale provided students
and young professionals with a forum to connect to their shared
heritage, while also growing their skills to become our cultural
ambassadors and future leaders.

In the spirit of giving and community outreach, our Foundation
made significant donations in 2023 to the On Your Mark
organization, Our Lady of Good Counsel Food Pantry, and Toys
for Tots. Also, Nonno’s Community Garden flourished under the
care of 20 dedicated volunteers, with the garden’s harvest
proceeds generously donated to local food pantries. The Roaring
20s Extravaganza Gala honored Joe Piscopo with the Cavalieri
Award and set the stage for the 13th Annual Fall Festival & Italian
Luxury Car Show. The incredible showcase of luxury Italian
vehicles – along with Italian food specialties, live music and more
– attracted 1,500 visitors in one day.

Media highlights included the recording of the Italian American
Podcast Special Episode: “Cars, Culture, and Camaraderie at
Casa.” And the “We All Say Buon Natale” Christmas video
recording spread joy to over 65,000 viewers.

Reflecting on these remarkable accomplishments, we should feel
a sense of communal pride and unity. Your contributions have
fueled Casa Belvedere’s growth, making it a cherished cultural
hub, while also being our members’ home away from home that
we all simply call Casa. Looking to the journey ahead, we plan to
expand into the upper floors and further beautify the campus into
a world-class destination. If you would like to help shape Casa
Belvedere’s future with a dedicated naming opportunity, please
reach out to Gina Biancardi at