More than a decade of seamless transition, from Renovation Site to Arts & Cultural Center, to Dining Club, to Special Event Venue … and back again repeatedly.

In 2010, Casa Belvedere began its transformation journey from the 1908 private home of the Roebling-Stirn families, to a public arts and cultural center. At the same time, the cultural center also opened its doors to public programming.

Since then, our number of arts and cultural program offerings, visitors, members, and special events has experienced tremendous growth! In 2010, Casa welcomed approximately 5,000 visitors. In 2020, despite the pandemic, Casa welcomed more than 12,000 in-person visitors and 20,000 virtual visitors. In 2021, the number of in-person visitors is close to 25,000.

In 2010, we offered 30 arts, cultural and educational programs. In 2021, we offered 269 programs and events.

In 2013, when first introducing The Belvedere Club, we enrolled 90 members. We now have 450 members of The Belvedere Club, 39 Bacco Members and 65 Renaissance members.

And as a dining club and special event venue, there is no comparison to the early days in the excellence of food and service providers. Plus, through the years, thousands of families and businesses have made extraordinary memories at Casa Belvedere.

The organization’s staff, too, has grown from 2 full-time employees and 2 part-time instructors in 2010, to 5 full-time employees and more than 12 part-time instructors and lecturers.

Also, many activities never seen before on Staten Island have been introduced at Casa Belvedere: “Cinema & Opera Sotto Le Stelle” (film and opera screenings under the stars); Festa/Motori D’Italia (Italian Festival and Luxury Italian Car Showcase); unique outdoor concerts; Bocce lessons for adults and children; 9/11 Solidarity Creche’ outdoor exhibit; “Italian-American Sports Memorabilia” exhibit; “La Dolce Vita” virtual coffee chats; Nonno’s Vegetable and Herb Community Garden, and more.

These activities have developed community identity and collective pride, while also establishing Casa Belvedere as a permanent anchor in the community!

In the next decade of The Circle of Life at Casa, we will mentor the next generation of leaders (members’ young adult children) to also pay it forward proudly as the Guardians of their Casa and their Culture!