The Italian Cultural Foundation at Casa Belvedere

The Italian Cultural Foundation at Casa Belvedere is a registered 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization that seeks to preserve, promote and celebrate the legacy of our ancestors by offering a myriad of cultural and educational activities, programs and special events to the public at large. From language classes to cooking classes; from art exhibits to historic photo exhibits; from film festivals to fig festivals; from Opera Luncheons to Casino Nights; from car shows to fashion shows; from group plays to one man shows; from lectures to book signings; from guest chef dining evenings to regional wine pairing dinners; from Bocce to Tombola, it all happens at Casa Belvedere! 

The 1908 building was the home of the Roebling-Stirn family and designated a New York City Landmark Building in 2001. The Stirn Mansion is listed on the New York State and National Register of Historic Places, renamed "Casa Belvedere" in 2008 meaning "house with a beautiful view." 

Mansion visits and private group or school trips are conducted and available upon request and prior scheduling.

Contact us to find out more about all of the wonderful events we have here at The Italian Cultural Foundation at Casa Belvedere.

Calendar of Events

Upcoming Cooking Classes

February 18th


Adult Cooking Class

One pot...1 Hour Dinners

Perfect for weeknight ... chicken and vegetarian. 

Tuesday, February  18th

6:30 pm

$85 Per Participant

February 24th


Children's Cooking Class

Carnevale Celebration

Let’s go to Rome and Celebrate Carnevale! 

Make a delicious dough, cut into fancy shapes and fry until crisp! 

Monday, February 24th

3:45 pm

$35 Per Participant 

Cultural Program

February 25th at 7:00pm


•• Venice ••
The Most Improbable of Cities

Presented by: Carla Gambescia

Come explore Venice’s complexities and seeming contradictions as we discover some of its many secrets and celebrate the city of myth, mystery, might and majesty that has captured the imagination of dreamers and travelers alike for hundreds of years.

Program Donation: 

Members/Students: $15 per person

Non-Members: $20 per person

March 10th at 7:00pm


Celebrate St. Joseph’s Day

Although St. Joseph’s Day is celebrated as a sacred and secular holiday (“Father’s Day”) throughout Italy, it has special significance in Sicily. This presentation will highlight how it is celebrated there.  You will not only see simple and elaborate St. Joseph’s tables and the food that makes the day so special, but you will also taste samples of caponata, arancini, finocchio and orange salad and even pasta alla norma (with eggplants) and the most famous Sfingi filled with cannoli cream. Music examples will go from the sublime to the ridiculous; and the poetic examples will demonstrate philosophical and humorous expression as well as the individuality of the Sicilian language. The breathtaking photography of Joseph Zarba, will capture the scenic beauty of the land and endear the spirit of the people. Food, photos, video, poetry and songs will both inspire and entertain you, causing you to experience “La Festa di San Giuseppe in Sicilia Bedda”!

Program Donation: 

Members/Students: $15 per person

Non-Members: $20 per person

March 31st at 7:00pm


Joanna Clapps Herman’s presents: When I am Italian: Quando sono italiana.

It is possible to be Italian if you aren’t born in Italy? “My Italian village in America was in Waterbury, Connecticut.” In this sentence, Joanna Clapps Herman raises the central question of this book: To what extent can a person born outside of Italy be considered Italian? The granddaughter of Italian immigrants who arrived in the United States in the early 1900s, Herman takes a complicated and nuanced look at the question of to whom and to which culture she ultimately belongs. 

Program Donation: 

Members/Students: $15 per person

Non-Members: $20 per person

Italian Language Program • Pre-Register

Adult Weekend Immersion


Pre-Registration - No payment due at this time

2020 Dates are as follows:

February 28-March 1   |   March 13-15 |   May 1-3

Tuition: $250

The program will be conducted entirely in Italian as the instruction will focus on developing conversational skills.

Friday: 7PM – 9 PM

Saturday: 9AM – 6PM 

The session includes a two hour lunch break at a local restaurant where students have the 

opportunity to continue to engage in conversation.

Sunday, 9AM – 2 PM. 

Text will be distributed to students for the duration of the program with the option to purchase it at session's end. Cost of text to be determined. Coffee and Snacks included.  Students are responsible for the cost of off-site luncheons.

Course for Intermediate and Advanced Levels


Pre-Registration - No payment due at this time

The World Of Elena Ferrante In Her Neapolitan Series - MY BRILLIANT FRIEND

Course for Intermediate and Advanced levels

9 sessions • Saturdays 10am -12pm

Starting from the screening of clips of each episode of the HBO acclaimed series “My Brilliant Friend”, the course will consist of the reading and comprehension of selected parts of the first book of the tetralogy, exercises of creative writing related, and listening of the audiobooks.
9 sessions • Saturdays 10am -12pm


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Your donation to The Italian Cultural Foundation at Casa Belvedere 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is fully tax deductible. We appreciate your contribution that helps us continue to preserve, promote and celebrate the rich heritage of Italy by encouraging the general public's appreciation of the Italian language, arts, cuisine, literature, history, horticulture, fashion, music and commerce through exceptional educational programs, exhibits and events. 

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