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  • Italian Music Festivals, food and wine
  • The city of Modena with Mara De Matteo
  • Relax in the Countryside/Relax in campagna e in un “agriturismo”
  • Il Palio di Siena
  • At the Lakes
  • Explore the Italian Mountains in the Summer
  • Italian Beaches – Le Spiagge Italiane


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  • Italian Music Festivals, food and wine – Italy offers endless vacation possibilities for Italians to experience. One of the summertime favorites is Music festivals! They are very popular and common all throughout the country. In Italy, you can never be too far from amazing music, paired up with fantastic cuisine, and extraordinary wines!
  • The city of Modena with Mara De Matteo – Have you ever heard of Modena?  Located in in the region Emilia-Romagna, it is a little jewel of city life and small town living at once.  Elegant, rich in history, lively in a gentle way, it is welcoming and warm with the golden hue of most of its buildings, sophisticated, with adorable small shops and cafes under exquisite portici.  Not to mention the food!  One of the best cuisines in Italy, starting with puffy and flaky gnocchi, delectable sour cherry crostate, legendary hand-made tortellini, and plenty of excellent, slightly fizzy Lambrusco. Lovely, very centrally-located, Modena should definitely be on the list of your next trip to Italy.
  • Relax in the Countryside/Relax in campagna e in un “agriturismo” – Discover the beauty of the Italian countryside, rolling hills, charming farmhouses, and the essence of the simplistic living with us! We will virtually travel across iconic areas of Italy but also the lesser-known relaxing countryside.
  • Il Palio di Siena – A four-day cultural sporting extravaganza, Il Palio culminates in the world’s most thrilling horse race and takes place twice every summer — on July 2 and August 16. Though canceled this year, you can experience its colorful pageantry virtually through stunning photographs taken at last year’s race. Author, lecturer and photographer Carla Gambescia will explain the history behind the race which lasts a mere 75- 90 seconds but represents the climax of a fiercely competitive all-consuming year-round rivalry between the 17 contrade (districts) of Siena. Carla will aslo touch on some of the gorgeously preserved highlights of Siena, where the Middle Ages seem to survive in the architecture as well as the civic spirit
  • At the Lakes – Italy is blessed with many other amazing lakes, each providing a glimpse of their special characteristics and beauty. Our virtual journey will take us to the Region of Piemonte’s most famous lakes, each with very unique and distinct attributes, cuisine, and wine cultures.
  • Explore the Italian Mountains in the Summer – Italy is home to mountain ranges with majestic and breathtaking views in the North and also all along the “boot” going south. While trail-walking or hiking on one of the many mountains, you will be amazed by the overwhelming beauty of the summer landscape. The Italian Alps offer an alternative version of Italian culture, influenced by the neighboring countries of France and Germany. It is very unique and not to be missed while vacationing in Italy!
  • Italian Beaches – Le Spiagge Italiane – The Italian peninsula has a unique coastline with many nooks and crannies that create one of a kind swimming coves and picturesque seascapes. We will explore the coasts off the beaten path, from their pristine beaches with crystal-clear water to the laid-back lifestyle of the inhabitants. There are many ways to enjoy all the beach scenery Italy has to offer. Discover them with us!

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