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  • From Boxer to Barista
  • Raphael Sanzio
  • A Mangiare!
  • The Almond Harvest
  • Before Venice…
  • Buon Natale!
  • Pop Go the Holidays!


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From Boxer to Barista – Come to hear the story of Vincenzo Imparato, former Professional Boxer and Italian super-middleweight Champion of Italy and founder of Si Espresso. Along with his business partner and wife, Adriana they will talk about life in Italy, the art of Italian coffee and life lessons of his boxing career which spans 30+ years. Come join us for an evening talking about coffee, boxing and meet these two Staten Islanders who are very passionate about their work, life and the art of coffee!  They are bringing lots of coffee swag too!   A presto!!

Raphael Sanzio – Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael, all three known by their first names, are considered the greatest masters of Italian High Renaissance. Raphael created his own recognizable style -serene celestial beauty of religious paintings – but learned from, and absorbed, also Leonardo’s sophistication and Michelangelo’s sculptural monumentality. An extremely prolific painter and architect, Raphael produced in his short life 183 paintings and numerous architectural drawings. His paintings are admired for their incomparable beauty, harmony, and balance of the composition. The most famous are many delicate depictions of the Virgin Mary with Christ and a series of large frescoes in Vatican Palace, known as Raphael Rooms. The two iconic cherubs from his painting The Sistine Madonna became globally famous.

A Mangiare! – Test your knowledge about Italian cuisine while discovering little-known facts and the origin stories behind some of the Italian cuisine’s most iconic ingredients and dishes. An interactive and entertaining “salon” exploring Italy’s culinary heritage from antiquity to the present day. Even the most sophisticated Italophile and foodie will come away with new insights!

The Almond Harvest – Vito Pietanza and Rosa Riccio Pietanza were both born in Mola di Bari (Puglia) Italy. They arrived in NYC at young ages and lived in a community in Red Hook Brooklyn (later to become Carroll Gardens). Vito’s family celebrates a long tradition in agriculture.  Soon after Vito and Rosa were married (and later with their 3 children) they would spend a few weeks during the summer in Mola on the Pietanza family farm. It then became a tradition for them to spend several hours a day engaging in the almond harvest. Via photos and videos, Vito and Rosa want to share with you their love and passion for the almond harvest and for everything  “Almond”.

Before Venice – Although the city of Venice is the most well-known part of the Veneto, there are islands, towns and cities that are far older,with a history all their own. In this presentation  Louis and Anita will explore the histories of great cities such as Verona, Padova, Treviso, smaller but equally important cities to the development of the region such as Aquileia, and Adria. Join Anita Sanseverino and Louis Leonini as they discuss the places close to Venice, such as Torcello, the place that is considered the birthplace of Venice itself, the island of Burano, a fishing village of brilliantly colored houses, painted so that the returning fishermen could see their houses through the fog. During the presentation Anita will share her photographs of the various areas being discussed.

Buon Natale! – Discover the surprising backstories behind some of our most cherished holiday traditions from Saint Nicholas (Babbo Natale) and the nativity to candy canes and Christmas lights. We’ll explore how both the pagan and Christian magically merged into the holiday that we celebrate today as well as a few less familiar uniquely Italian customs such as the Epiphany and wearing red underwear! Intrigued?!? Andiamo! Join us, and let’s celebrate Natale and Capodanno together. Award-winning author, lecturer and photographer, Carla Gambescia, will be our guide to the holiday festivities!

Pop Go the Holidays! – Do you know the difference between Prosecco and Champagne? Have you ever seen the stunning, hand-harvested, near vertical Cartizze vineyards of Prosecco’s DOCG region in the Veneto? Did you know that paying attention to a few simple (but sometimes cleverly hidden!) words on a Prosecco label can make you more savvy when selecting just the right sparkling for your occasion? Are you ready to be convinced that bubbles make everything (especially cocktails) better?! Let’s virtually tour the effervescent world of Prosecco with wine and spirits journalist and Staten Island resident Amy Zavatto, the author of Prosecco Made Me Do It: 60 Seriously Sparkling Cocktails. Shewill take you on a sparkling tour through the effervescent world of Prosecco, from where and how its made, its fascinating history, to (most important!) how to properly pop a bottle and to use it to make several great cocktails for any celebration. From the comfort of your own ghome, join in the bubbly fun as Amy teaches you about the world’s most popular sparkling wine, and helps you to find a few new favorite bubble-based tipples with which to toast this holiday season.

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