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  • Italian Auto Industry
  • Italian American Vegetable Garden
  • Changing Habits After Covid19
  • Celebrating Women Suffrage
  • Naples Culinary Tour
  • Celebrating Father’s Day


  • Italian Auto Industry -Beatrice will discuss Italian Automobile Industry. Guest Speaker:  Michael Pucciarelli, Casa Belvedere’s Vice Chairman and Italian sport cars aficionado.
  • Italian American Vegetable Garden -A Culture of Gardening Italian, and Italian-American, gardening knowledge has been carried from generation to generation and is now more relevant  than ever. Join Beatrice and guest Mary Menniti , founder of The Italian Garden Project, as they celebrate the joy and wisdom inherent in the traditional Italian American vegetable garden, preserving this heritage and discussing its relevance for reconnecting to our food, families and the earth.
  • Changing Habits After Covid19 – LIVE from ITALY… Italian doctors share their experience and advice for life after quarantine.As NY is preparing to reopen soon, we’ll speak to a couple of experts in Italy on how our habits and behaviors will have to change moving forward. Doctors Luigi Celani and Eugenio Cavallari, Infectious Diseases specialists at Umberto I Hospital of Rome, will join the live conversation from Rome and will give us some advice.
  • Celebrating Women Suffrage –  We will mark the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in the United States, followed by women’s full suffrage in Italy 26 years later.  Professors Francesco and Maria Bonavita, who teach Italian and lecture at Casa Belvedere, will lead a discussion on the Italian documentary “Senza Rossetto”. The film’s title translates to “without lipstick” and references the time when women were told to go and vote without lipstick. If traces of lipstick were found on an election card, it could be invalidated.
  • Naples Culinary Tour – Take a virtual Naples culinary tour! From the signature local pastry, sfogliatella, to iconic street foods, this is a full feast of Naples’ best bites in the picturesque old market streets of the city, among the locals. Photographer Anita Sanseverino will “walk” us through this virtual tour of the streets of Naples though her vivid photographs.
  • Celebrating Father’s Day – Join author Maria Giura, PhD, as she discusses passages from her book “What My Father Taught Me”. Together, you and Maria will share childhood memories and commonalities of an Italian-American father-daughter relationship. The book will hit close to home, as it’s written by the daughter of an Italian immigrant facing many struggles in his pursuit for a better life. It’s also deeply rooted in the Italian-American culture of Brooklyn, NYC from years ago, now a by-gone era!

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Spring Webinar Package


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