• Seniors Club: Explore the beauty and history of Nonno’s Garden at Casa Belvedere
    Friday, June 14  • 10 to 11:30 am
    $0 for members, $10 donation non-members
    Explore the beauty and history of Nonno's Garden, one of the most cherished programs offered by The Italian Cultural Foundation at Casa Belvedere. This special garden tour is designed for senior citizens who love gardening or simply enjoy nature.
    Founded in April 2020 in honor of Vito Biancardi, father of Casa Belvedere Founder Gina Biancardi, Nonno's Garden has become a vibrant space for learning, sharing gardening knowledge, and meeting fellow garden enthusiasts. Nestled on the hillside overlooking New York Bay, the garden is a testament to the traditions of farming and gardening that have thrived on this site since the early 1900s.
    Our dedicated volunteers and Foundation staff maintain the garden, growing a variety of vegetables, flowers, and herbs in the classic Italian kitchen garden tradition. During your visit, you'll learn about the heritage vegetables such as zucchini flowers, heirloom peppers, and Italian beans, lovingly cultivated from seeds passed down through generations.
    This tour offers a unique opportunity to learn about the garden's history, from its origins to its role in supporting educational programs and local community initiatives. You’ll also hear about our partnership with The Belvedere Club and our efforts to support a local Staten Island food pantry.
  • 06/21 • Sit & Stretch

    Sit & Stretch for Seniors at Casa Belvedere Friday, June 21  from 10 to 11:30 am FREE for members, $10 donation non-members "Revitalize Your Body and Mind with Sit & Stretch Senior Class!"  Join us for a gentle yet invigorating Sit & Stretch session tailored to enhance flexibility, improve mobility, and promote overall well-being.  Led by experienced instructor Audrey Urcia, this class offers a perfect blend of seated exercises and gentle stretches, ensuring accessibility for all fitness levels. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or new to fitness, our welcoming environment encourages you to move at your own pace, to help you feel empowered!   Unwind as you engage in mindful breathing techniques, soothing stretches, and low-impact movements, all aimed at enhancing circulation, relieving tension, and promoting relaxation. Feel the stress melt away as you embrace each movement, leaving you feeling energized, balanced, and refreshed.  And after the class, treat yourself to a delightful selection of coffee, tea, and biscotti, provided to enhance your post-workout relaxation. Weather permitting, you’ll be able enjoy these refreshments on our scenic balcony overlooking the Verrazzano Narrows, surrounded by nature's tranquility and the company of fellow participants.  Don't miss this opportunity to prioritize self-care and connect with fellow seniors in a supportive and uplifting atmosphere. Come join us for Sit & Stretch Senior Class – your path to a healthier, happier you awaits! 
  • La Dolce Lettura Book Club at Casa Belvedere “A Wedding in Lake Como” by Jennifer Probst

    Wednesday, July 3, 2024 • 7 to 9 pm in The Galleria
    Free for members, $10 non-members
    The next book for Casa Belvedere’s “Sweet Reading” book club will be “A Wedding in Lake Como” by Jennifer Probst. Read the novel and gather on July 3 for a discussion led by experienced book club leader AnnMarie Cicero. The novel can be found at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and the New York Public Library. Drinks and concessions will be offered for sale.
    About the book: Best friends Ava, Madison, and Chelsea made a pact to reunite for each other’s weddings when their careers sent them in different directions. But after one of them makes a choice that tears the group apart, an upcoming wedding might be their last chance to heal old wounds.
    Ava is about to marry the man she loves in a lavish ceremony on the shores of Lake Como, but she’s haunted by the mistakes she’s made. Madison has made a name for herself as an influencer in the fashion world but is threatened by a scandal impacting everything she holds dear. And Chelsea has the perfect family she always craved, but her professional dreams have fallen by the wayside.
    As they return to Italy’s gorgeous coast, the three women revisit their life-changing first trip to Lake Como during college. When Madison comes face-to-face with the college sweetheart who was at the heart of one of the most pivotal times of her life, can they forge a new way forward?


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