The Italian Cultural Foundation at Casa Belvedere & The Belvedere Club at Casa Belvedere
Terms and Conditions of Membership Agreement

These Terms and Conditions, including any fees or charges, are subject to interpretation by and may be amended from time to time at the sole discretion of The Foundation’s Board of Directors.

The submitted application constitutes my executed request for Membership to THE ITALIAN CULTURAL FOUNDATION AT CASA BELVEDERE (hereafter may be referred to as the ‘Foundation’) and THE BELVEDERE CLUB (hereafter may be referred to as the ‘Club.’)

I (hereafter referred to as ‘Member’) agree that Member shall be bound and will abide by the Terms and Conditions, and by any changes thereto that may be made in the future throughout the term of his/her Membership.

The Member further acknowledges and agrees that he/she has received a copy of these Terms and Conditions, and upon acceptance to the Foundation and Club, Member agrees to abide by these Terms and Conditions, including but not limited, to the following:

  1. Member understands that the Italian Cultural Foundation at Casa Belvedere annual dues will be $1,500 Belvedere Circle or $750 Bacco Circle for each consecutive year that the Member remains a Foundation Member in good standing. If Member is a Bacco Circle Member, he/she will be offered to renew as a Belvedere Circle Member ($1,500) should the Member’s 40th birthday fall within his/her renewal year.

The Foundation is a 501c(3) organization.  Annual membership dues to the Foundation qualify as charitable contributions.  Please consult with your tax advisor accordingly.

Member understands that he/she will receive an annual dues invoice via USPS mail, which gives the Member the opportunity to pay my annual dues by check. If the Foundation office does not receive his/her check by the end of my anniversary month, annual dues will be charged to the credit card on file.  If the Foundation is unable to process Member payment a late fee will be assessed.

Late Fee: A $50 late fee will be charged if the annual renewal fee is not paid on time.

Privilege Suspension: If the membership renewal fee remains unpaid for 60 days, your membership privileges will be suspended.

Membership Termination: If the renewal fee remains unpaid for 90 days, your membership will be terminated.  Any future application for membership will be denied.

  1. Member understands that a valid credit or charge card must always be on file with the Foundation, and the Club. Failure to update this information may result in suspension of Club Membership and associated benefits.  You may elect to have different cards on file with the Club and Foundation.
  2. Member understands that my quarterly minimum spending requirement with the Club is $400. There are four quarters each year. After each month-end quarter, March, June, September, and December, if my quarterly spending requirement has not been met, my credit card on file with the Club will be charged accordingly. Quarterly spending is defined as accumulated payments made to the Club within a quarterly period for in-house food and beverage.  It does not include gift certificates, orders ‘to-go’ or Foundation events. Failure to pay my quarterly minimum spending balance may result in suspension of Membership and associated benefits.  Member also acknowledges and agrees to be responsible for all food and beverage charges incurred by himself/herself or my guests once my bill is presented by the wait staff.
  3. Member understands that annual dues and quarterly spending requirements may change with prior notice, in writing, from the Foundation and/or from the Club management.
  4. Member understands that he/she may cancel his/her Membership at any time, provided member gives written notice to the Foundation’s Membership department and Member’s Club and Foundation account are paid in-full.Membership dues are not prorated, and no refund is due once Membership is cancelled.
  5. Member acknowledges that Membership is not an investment in the Foundation, the Club or Owner, nor does it provide an equity or ownership interest in the Foundation, or the Club. The facilities of the Club (the ‘Club Facilities’) are for recreational use only.
  6. Member acknowledges that Members only acquire a revocable license to use Club facilities in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and Membership documents. Foundation reserves the right, at any time or from time to time, in its sole and absolute discretion, to reserve Memberships, to discontinue operation of any or all of Club facilities, to sell or otherwise dispose of Club facilities in any manner whatsoever and to any person whomsoever, to terminate any or all types of Membership, and to make any other changes in the terms and conditions of Membership or use of Club facilities.
  7. Member covenants and agrees to hold the Foundation, Club, owner, grantor and their members, partners, affiliates, shareholders,  officers, directors, employees, representatives, advisors, counsel and agents, jointly and individually harmless, and to indemnify same, from any claims or judgments, costs and/or legal fees that the Member or Member’s invitee(s) may have or make, in connection with presence at or use of the facilities or property for any purpose.
  8. Member acknowledges that use of the Club facilities may be restricted from time to time based on private events, construction, renovation, maintenance, and other causes. Should the main floor be occupied with a private event, Member dining will be available in The Bacco Wine Bar.
  9. Member agrees to abide by the dress code set by the Foundation: Collared shirts or sweaters are required at all times. After 5 pm, men’s jackets are required in all dining rooms, and women are required to wear business-appropriate attire, dresses, or slacks. All Members are expected to dress in a neat and presentable manner. Dressy jeans are acceptable, but cut-off jeans, jeans with holes and tears, T-shirts, flannel shirts, and similar casual clothing are not permitted anywhere in Club. Also, sneakers, running shoes, stretch pants, leggings, rubber sandals and athletic attire are strictly prohibited. It is the Member’s responsibility to ensure that their guests adhere to the dress code. Staff at the front desk will also ensure that Members and their guests comply with the Dress code. Noncompliance by Members and guests will be referred to the Foundation office.
  10. Member acknowledges that the Club and Foundation may use photographs taken of Member and other users on the Casa Belvedere property, and statements made by any of them, for Club and Foundation publications, social media and email marketing, without prior approval.
  11. Member agrees to receive electronic text/email and written communication. Member will have the opportunity to opt out of electronic communication at any time.
  12. Only Casa Belvedere Club Members and their accompanying guests can be served at the club. At all times, the number of guests in the facility shall not exceed the number of Members by more than 10 %.
  13. Member acknowledges the Club facility includes the main and garden level of the mansion. It also includes the surrounding dining areas, Wednesday – Sunday.  Access to the facility is limited to hours of Club operations.  Access at other times is dictated by Foundation programs or agreements.
  14. Member acknowledges the Club reserves the right to limit the number of guests within a Member’s party on certain holidays.



Private events at Casa Belvedere

  1. Members are not subject to a facility fee assessment for their personal event. This is a Member-only benefit and is not transferable to non-Members.  All non-Members must pay a facility fee for their private event.
  2. No Member or organization may reserve the entire Club for private entertainment without the approval of the Board of Directors.
  3. All events catered by the Club must be a Member’s private event or a Member-sponsored private event. In the latter case, the Member must acknowledge his/her ultimate responsibility for that event in the form of a signed Member Function Questionnaire. Additionally, the non-Member guest must promptly pay the facility fee to the Foundation prior to said event.
  4. Any Member-sponsored dinner or special event, with 12 or more people in attendance on any given calendar day, will require the sponsoring Member to execute the required Member Function Questionnaire acknowledging his or her ultimate responsibility for the event. This form must remain on file for one calendar year post event.
  5. The Facility Fee is defined as 10 percent of the total food and beverage cost of any special event of a party of 12 or more guests, less sales tax. By no means shall the Club operators have the right to waive the non-Member facility fee on behalf of the Foundation. This facility fee is required for all special events, including luncheons, non-profit organization events, and dinner parties of 12 or more guests during any and all Belvedere Club operating hours.

General and House Rules

  1. Non-Members are welcome as guests for Foundation events and Club catered private events subject to applicable conditions and limitations. Except as otherwise provided, guests must be accompanied by a Member. Members are responsible for ensuring their guests adhere to the Club’s code of conduct and dress code.
  2. Attending or participating in Foundation lessons, clinics, cultural or social events that are open to non-Members is not considered a guest use of the Club’s facilities.
  3. The Foundation’s Board of Directors may establish and change at any time the non-Member guest usage limitation and fee for all facilities.
  4. Valet parking is available most evenings. Parking (except handicap) is not permitted in front of the mansion’s front porch. Self-parking is allowed in designated areas when valet parking is not available.
  5. Food and beverages purchased elsewhere may not be brought to any Club facilities without the prior consent of the Foundation or the Club’s General Manager. Food and beverages served or consumed on the Club’s premises by Members or guests must be purchased from the Club.
  6. Recruiting Club employees for employment in another business is not allowed without prior Club/Foundation approval.
  7. Advertising in any form and posting of notices is not permitted on the premises unless approved in advance by the Foundation.
  8. Landscaping: Cutting or pulling of flowers or shrubbery or trees on Casa Belvedere’s grounds is not permitted.
  9. Except for service dogs as defined by New York law, members, guests, and other invitees are not permitted to bring dogs or any other animals onto Casa Belvedere’s property.
  10. Members may provide reasonable gifts or gratuities to employees as tokens of appreciation of service. Members may not provide anything of value to any employee that is repetitive, involves any quid pro quo, or carries the perception of influence or obligation of any type.
  11. Performances by entertainers will only be permitted with the permission of the Foundation or the Club’s General Manager.

Code of Conduct

  1. Alcohol: Instances of intoxication on Club property may be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. Club employees may refuse the service of alcoholic beverages to any individual they feel is intoxicated or on the verge of becoming intoxicated.
  2. Smoking: All interior portions of the Club are designated non-smoking areas. Smoking is permitted ONLY in designated outdoor areas, and butts are to be deposited into the special containers or ashtrays located in those areas.
  3. Cell phones: Cell phone usage is not allowed in the Dining Room. Furthermore, cell phone usage in the Club is discouraged. Cell phones should be silenced at all times.
  4. Manners: Vulgar or derogatory language or any distasteful behavior that causes a disturbance or infringement on the rights of others may be cause for the loss of Club and Foundation privileges as determined by the Board of Directors.
  5. Members are always to treat employees with dignity and respect. Members are not to abuse any Club operator or staff member, verbally or otherwise. Members should refrain from instructing, criticizing or berating employees of the Club. Any suggestions or complaints regarding any phase of the operation or individual employee performance should be submitted to or discussed with the Club’s General Manager.
  6. Casa Belvedere is committed to providing an environment that is free of discrimination and harassment with respect to Members, guests, or employees. Harassing conduct includes but is not limited to epithets, slurs, or negative stereotyping; threatening, intimidating or hostile acts; denigrating jokes and display or circulation of written or graphic material that denigrates or shows hostility or aversion toward an individual or group.
  7. Every Member is responsible for the conduct and dress of his or her guests and/or children. The conduct and safety of children are the direct responsibility of their parents while on Foundation property. Control of Members’ children is the responsibility of the parents, and not that of Club or Foundation employees.
  8. Adhering to guest usage rules of all Club facilities is primarily the responsibility of each Member, who should monitor their guests’ usage to avoid exceeding the allowable limits. Damage or destruction of equipment, furnishings or any property belonging to the Foundation or the Club, by Members or their guests, will be charged to and will be payable by the Members responsible.
  9. Members must not carry illegal weapons or devices on Casa Belvedere’s property.

Complaints, Discipline and Loss of Privileges

Complaints by Members regarding abuse of any Club facility or rule should be reported to the Club’s General Manager and/or The Foundation. The Board of Directors of Casa Belvedere has charged management with the task of enforcing all Club rules. When a Member or guest is approached by a Club manager concerning an issue of behavior, that Member or guest is expected to be courteous and responsive. The General Manager will receive the total support of the Board in fulfillment of his/her duties.

If any Member or guest fails to act appropriately after a warning, and violates the spirit of the rules, that person will be subject to suspension, limitation or loss of Club privileges, or such other measure as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors and/or as provided by these Terms and Conditions.