ON-DEMAND • Umbria and Valnerina – Cascia, Norcia, Castelluccio and More


Umbria and Valnerina –  Cascia, Norcia, Castelluccio and More With Anne Robichaud

Do you know what a norcineria offersEver tasted the famous “lost beans” of the Valnerina? Ever heard of Preci and a curiosity that makes it famous?

Enjoy this visit to Umbria’s captivating Valnerina (Nera River Valley) area, famous for black truffles, lentils prized by the Slow Food Foundation, pecorino cheeses, prosciutto di Norcia – and much more!  The tour starts with the inviting late-January Cascia festivities and then head to Norcia, a medieval mountain gem and birthplace of St. Benedict in the 5th century. Not far away, the Piano Grande (“Great Plain”) spreads out below the medieval castle-village Castelluccio, devastated in the October 2016 earthquake.

Anne’s talk was recorded live from Italy and will have you ready for your next trip to our bellissima Umbria.


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Anne Robichaud received her degrees in both English Literature and Italian Language and Literature from the University of Santa Clara (California) in 1970, after also having completed studies in Italian literature and culture, as well as art history at the University for Foreigners in Perugia, Italy in 1969. She furthered her studies at the University of California, Berkeley in l972, and since 1973 has lived in Italy.

After teaching for two years in Rome, she and her Italian husband, Pino, moved to a mountain area outside of Assisi (Umbria) where they worked the land, raised three children, and began restoring their farmhouse.

Anne has been an authorized Guida Regionale dell’Umbria since 1997. Unable to guide guests now because of Covid travel restrictions, Anne now shares her passione for Umbria – and Italy in general – in her Zoom presentations, her website, and her blog, rich in Italian news.

Anne and her husband also rent lodgings in the Umbria countryside near their farmhouse (built by Pino) and also in Assisi – see www.stayassisi.com

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