“Celebrating 10 Years of Casa Belvedere”


A heartfelt THANK YOU to our founding members, founding benefactors, major benefactors, capital improvement in-kind donors, and special event sponsors for your generous donations.

Since 2010 we’ve been working hard at the Italian Cultural Foundation to offer our community a myriad of arts, cultural and educational programs and classes. All the while we’ve also been transforming and restoring our beloved Casa Belvedere.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without each and every one of our members and donors’ support. Thanks to your contributions, we’ve come a long way!

For more information on how to continue your support towards Casa Belvedere’s ongoing capital campaign, please contact michael@casa-belvedere.org.  

Grazie Mille!

Casa Belvedere's Founding Benefactors

Major Benefactors

Gina Biancardi
Salvatore & Helen Calcagno –  SCCI
John & Connie Profaci
Michael & Joyce Pucciarelli
Luciano Rammairone

Anthony Perosi
Bill & Cathy Fani
Anthony and Carlo Seneca of C & A Seneca Construction
Frances Valenzo

Captial Improvement In-Kind Donors

Ralph Barone, Barone Steele
Sal Basso and Family, Basso Landscaping
Robert Bruno, Prestige Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
Salvatore & Helen Calcagno, SCCI
Keith Campanella, Poseidon Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems
Nicholas J. D’Amato & Family, JBL Industries
Mark Anthony D’Andrea, The Roadhouse Restaurant
John DiNaso, DiNaso Building Supplies
John & Madeline DeAmicis, Lighting Design Associates
Nat DiStefano and Family
William & Bianca Formica, Formica Construction
Yaniv & Crystal Iunger, Ultra GC Inc.
Salvatore Mattioli, Wall Systems Supply, Inc.
Robert Nappi & Nicholas Assini, Five Borough Electric
Brad Needleman, Needleman Roofing
Michael & MaryAnn Palma, PR Plumbing & Heating
James Paone and The Paone Family
Anthony Perosi and Family
Joseph Pietrangelo, Joe Pietrangelo’s Stonemart, Inc.
Victor Salimeo and Family
Michael & Antonella Tomassi, Interior Metals, Inc.
Anthony Torcivia Jr, Tony and Sons Welding

Casa Belvedere's Institutional Donors

And Casa Belvedere's Major Sponsors