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Feminism in Renaissance Venice
A cultural program to celebrate International Women’s Day, led by Professor Francesco Bonavita
Tuesday, March 12 at 7 pm 

The emergence of women writers in the 15th and 16th century Venice is truly a singular event that is incomparable to many other European cities. To understand such a phenomenon, it is important to put it into a historical context, as Venice was experiencing economic prosperity.

Venice provided women with more financial independence and opportunities for education and intellectual pursuits. The city had a relatively higher literacy rate and a vibrant literary culture, whereby women conducted cultural nights, discussing literary topics.

Venetian women writers, such as Christine de Pizan, Moderata Fonte, Isabella Andreini and Veronica Franco argued for women’s education, equal opportunities, and abating patriarchal structures. These women challenged misogyny and wrote extensively, using a variety of genres, such as poetry, novels, theatre, music, and essays just to be able to convey the notion that women can play a vital role in society.

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