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Celebrating the Neapolitan Presepio: A Christmas Tradition in the Italian American Community
A Lecture & Video Presentation by Anita Sanseverino & Lou Barrella
Tuesday, Nov. 28 at 7 pm

“The Neapolitan Presepio” is more than a Nativity scene! It is a unique art form which combines the birth of Christ with the daily life of the Napoletani. It places Naples at the center of the monumental birth of Christ! The Art of the Presepio reached its pinnacle in 18th century Naples but still continues today.

This presentation explores the origins of the Neapolitan tradition as well as its endurance by creative artisans and those who display their art of old and of today. This year we will highlight the Presepio owned by Vita and Giuseppe DiVincenzo of Middle Village, Queens, assisted by John Miniero. Their extravagant display provides a passionate expression that keeps the Presepio a vibrant symbol of Christmas.

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