“10 Years of Casa Belvedere”

We are grateful for the generous support of donors like you helping Casa Belvedere reach its goal of completing the building’s restoration in 2021.

Capital Campaign Donors

Mike & Joyce Pucciarelli Generous Match $82,925

Michael & Joanne Caridi $20,000
The Cipriani Family – In Loving Memory of Michael N. Cipriani $20,000
Anthony & Rose Gallo $20,000
Dr. & Mrs. William B. Head $20,000
Joseph Sorbera –  In Loving Memory of Diane H. Sorbera $20,000

Denis M. Hughes & Palma Denino – In Loving Memory of Angelo & Maria Fama $15,000

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Burke $10,000
Stephen & Carolyn Canino $10,000
Thomas & Kimberly Corbett $10,000
Danny & Megan Demonte $10,000
Mr. & Mrs. William Fani $10,000
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Imparato, Jr. $10,000
Elvira & Steven Noss & Family $10,000
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Pasaturo PE $10,000
Dr. John Piazza & Mrs. Susan Piazza $10,000
Roy & Linda Raineri $10,000
John & Debbie Santora $10,000
Marcello & Charlotte Sciarrino$10,000
Colleen Sorrentino $10,000
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Valentino $10,000
Frances Valenzo $10,000
John & Doreen Vento $10,000
Anonymous In-Kind $10,000

Alex Borgognone $5,000
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Cutrona Sr. $5,000
Joseph & Elvira Ferrara $5,000
Frank & Danielle Naso $5,000
Mr. & Mrs. John Profaci Sr. $5,000
Mike & Linda Randazzo $5,000
Joseph & Laurie Rinaldo $5,000
Mark & Debbie Russo $5,000
Paul & Luann Serra $5,000
Jacqueline & Dante Taddei $5,000
Anonymous In-Kind $5,000

Paula & Richard V. Benigno $2,500
Mr. & Mrs. Al Gentile $2,500
Frank & Lenore Puleo $2,500

Bruno & Annie Frustaci $2,000

Dan & Theresa Sweeney $1,500
John & Diana Piscopo$1,500

Anonymous $1,000
Frank & Julianne Angelico $1,000
Thomas C. Baxter, Jr. $1,000
Louis Bentivegna $1,000
Ms. Jennifer A. Brancato $1,000
Robert & Michele Brown $1,000
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Campagna $1,000
Vivian Cardia $1,000
Calogero & Nunziata Ciaccio – In Loving Memory of Antonino & Concetta Ciaccio $1,000
Victoria & Mark Droumbakis – In Loving Memory of Rose Caruso $1,000
Mario & Barbara Giammarco $1,000
Dr. & Mrs. John Imperio $1,000
Robert Iommazzo $1,000
Louis & Alannah Leonini $1,000
Michael & Denise Scotto – In Loving Memory of Scotto/Ambroso Family $1,000
Sondra Slipstein $1,000
James & Louise Stolpinski $1,000
The Venditto Family $1,000

Philip Scafuri $800

Anonymous $500
Kathleen & Lou Barrella $500
Vincent & Elizabeth D’Antuono $500
Genevieve Grecco $500
Vincent Iannelli $500
Dr. & Mrs. Mercaldo $500
Mr. & Mrs. Senk $500
Mr. & Mrs. Ward $500

Robert A. Taormina – In Loving Memory of Fern Taormina $250
VG Architecture Studio, PLLC $250

Mr. & Mrs. Castellana $200
AnneMarie Stilwell, MD $200
Nicholas Szwaba, DPM – In Memory of Charles Guzowski $200

Mary Beth & Tom Francis $275

Loreta Andersen $100
Francesco & Maria Bonavita $100
Dr. & Mrs. Nicholas Dianto $100
John & Kathleen Gillen $100
Barbara T. Linardo $100

Susan Besignano $50
Frances Kosowski $50

Our target goal is $600,000 to complete the upper levels.
We have reached over 80 percent of our goal.

Total Member Donations to Date = $377,275

Giving Tuesday Donations = $1650

Facebook Giving Tuesday Match = $702

+ NYC LPC grant = $35,000

+ Mike & Joyce Pucciarelli Generous Match = $82,925

GRAND TOTAL TO DATE =$497,552.00

Here’s what our donors are saying about the importance of giving back to their home away from home, Casa Belvedere…

“Today, Casa Belvedere is a place where people gather, exchange ideas, experience culture, build relationships, and create lifetime friendships. Casa Belvedere helps make our community a desirable place to live, work, socialize, and do business. And you just can’t beat the view, the grounds, the food and the service. For Joyce and I, it’s a comfort zone, a happy place where we love to be during tumultuous times (like now), and during ordinary times as well.

For this and many other reasons near and dear to my heart, Joyce and I have decided to contribute additional funds to jumpstart Casa Belvedere’s final stage of restoration: the two upper floors of the building. Our donation is designed as a 5-to-1 challenge: For every $5,000 donated, we will donate $1,000. This means that if other donors collectively pledge a total of $500,000, Joyce and I will donate $100,000. We’re proud to have played an integral role in this one-of-a-kind gem and vital part of our community. We hope you will join us in the joy of giving back. ” 
~Michael & Joyce Pucciarelli

“We love Casa Belvedere and what they are doing, what they represent, and what they stand for. It’s a great place for people to get together, mingle, just talk about stories about the old days. Every time we come here, it’s special.

Casa Belvedere represents our Italian culture, which is important. It’s letting people know what we’re all about, with the cooking classes, the movies. It’s a fabulous little bit of Italy in Staten Island, and it’s a meeting place. I can bring friends there, and the food is excellent. We are very proud and honored to be part of this club, and we wanted to give back to our own heritage. ”  
~Anthony & Rose Gallo

“As a multicultural family residing in New York, having access to an Italian cultural center like Casa Belvedere, just minutes from where we live, affords us the opportunity to immerse our young son in an environment where he can learn about his paternal ancestry. Through exhibits and programs showcasing the best of Italian art, history, and culture, and contributions of Italians to the United States, he is not only learning about his cultural roots but also inheriting a cultural legacy that he can one day share with his children.

The opportunity to interact with this part of our family’s heritage gives us a window into traditions, values, and behaviors that weave together into a bright, one-of-a-kind multicultural, and diverse tapestry.”
~Dr. & Mrs. Piazza

“We find Casa Belvedere to be very warm and welcoming. It makes us think of family and friends, and also connects us back to our Italian heritage. Both of our grandparents were born in America, so there was very little Italian language spoken in our homes, and it was lost. Since coming to the Italian Cultural Foundation, we have been able to learn more for ourselves, which then gives us an opportunity to share information about our heritage with our children and grandchildren, something we didn’t have when we were growing up.”  
~John & Debbie Santora

“Casa Belvedere is truly a gem like no other on Staten Island. Not only is the place itself a jewel, but what it represents is so important. It sheds a positive light on our Italian-American heritage – how often is our heritage spotlighted in a positive way? Especially considering the year we’ve had, it’s a feel-good place that my wife and I always look forward to visiting. We fully support the non-profit’s mission to continue to preserve, promote and celebrate our history. I encourage all our fellow members to support the capital campaign to further bring to fruition the endless possibilities and joys the mansion can provide to the community and to our existing membership.”  
~Joseph & Elvira Ferrara

“From my perspective as an owner of a large construction company, I applaud the ongoing restoration of Casa Belvedere and those who are devotedly securing the funds and overseeing the process. Upon completion, this historic mansion will be repurposed into a magnificent place where we can come together with family and friends, and where Italian-American heritage can be celebrated in a variety of ways by future generations. Our family is happy to lend financial support to Casa Belvedere.”  
~Mike & Linda Randazzo

“The Italian Cultural Foundation at Casa Belvedere is a hidden treasure that my family and I feel blessed to be part of. We became members in February of 2020 and it has been, by far, the highlight of our year. The owners, staff and fellow members have been top shelf and a pleasure to be around and break bread with as often as this year of restrictions permitted. We fully support the Foundation’s mission to preserve, promote and celebrate our Italian American heritage and encourage fellow members to support the capital campaign.”
~Frederico & Regina Cipriani and family