Tuesday, December 14 • 6:30 pm
· Come hungry and thirsty!
· Concessions available plus beer, wine and soft drinks.
· Cash and credit accepted.

Tombola is a game that originated in Southern Italy. Similar to bingo, the game is fun to play, easy to learn, and appropriate for all ages. The game begins when the person holding the cartellone (big board) takes numbers out of the sack one at a time, calling them loudly, placing them on their box in the cartellone, and leaving time for players to mark the number on their card/s.

In order to win, players must have one of the following:

AMBO2 numbers on the same row

TERNO3 numbers on the same row

QUATERNA4 numbers on the same row

CINQUINA5 numbers on the same row

TOMBOLAall numbers on the card

Each game ends when all 90 numbers are drawn or when a Tombola winner is declared, whichever comes first.

Members: FREE
Non-Members: $10 per person
Tombola cards : $3 each. Cards must be purchased for each round.