Italian Film Study with Wagner College Professor Holly Van Buren
Wednesday, July 10
6:30 to 8 pm in the Galleria

Hollywood’s Roman Holiday: Italian culture and life as seen in American film. This lecture with film clips will cover the long-storied history of Hollywood’s obsession with Italy. From the romanticized versions of Italian cities as backdrops for self-discovery (Roman Holiday, Summertime, Under the Tuscan Sun, Eat Pray Love, Call Me by Your Name), to the fascination with the Italian American immigrant experience (The Godfather, Goodfellas, Big Night, Moonstruck), Hollywood has often relied upon its audience’s obsession with Italy and Italian culture for box office success. This lecture will cover a wide range of films, even dipping into the most recent season of HBO’s White Lotus (set in Sicily), to trace this complex history.
This program will be presented by Holly Van Buren, Wagner College professor of film history, media, and television studies. This is the third in a series examining the history of Italian cinema, as well as Italian culture and life as seen in American films. Prior attendance at the series is not necessary.
Coffee, tea and biscotti will be offered. Wine will be available for purchase.