Writing Workshop – “Writing the Italian in Your Memories”

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Laboratorio di Scrittura, Writing Workshop

Saturdays, April 2, 9 and 23: 10:00-11:45am

No experience necessary, just a notebook and pen!

 April 2 and April 9, 10 - 11:45 am: When we look back on our past, our stories are often intertwined with our culture. These workshops, led by author Maria Giura, will focus on how one aspect of Italian American (IA) life forms the background or foreground of our memories; in particular, we'll focus on the theme of "Changing Seasons," both literal and figurative seasons.

We’ll read and discuss short, vibrant excerpts written by IA authors. Participants will then be given prompts to generate their own writing and, by the end of each workshop, will have produced an original piece of writing.  P.S. You don’t have to be Italian to write about how italianitá shapes your stories!

April 23 Revision Workshop, 10 am - Noon: This two-hour workshop is limited to six participants who have attended at least one or two "Writing the Italian in Your Memories" Workshops and have two pages of writing they’d like constructive feedback on. They will receive feedback from author and facilitator Maria Giura as well as feedback from the group that will help them move forward with their writing. After you register, you will be given the email to send your two pages to the facilitator by the deadline of April 19.

Register for one, two, or all three workshops.
Part 1: Sat., April 2
Part 2: Sat. April 9
Part 3: Sat. April 23

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