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Saturday, January 16th 10:00am

Live from Italy!!! Umbria and Valnerina –  Cascia, Norcia, Castelluccio and More With Anne Robichaud

Do you know what a norcineria offersEver tasted the famous “lost beans” of the Valnerina? Ever heard of Preci and a curiosity that makes it famous?

Let’s warm up our winter with a visit to Umbria’s captivating Valnerina (Nera River Valley) area, famous for black truffles, lentils prized by the Slow Food Foundation, pecorino cheeses, prosciutto di Norcia – and much more!  We’ll start our tour with the inviting late-January Cascia festivities and then head to Norcia, a medieval mountain gem and birthplace of St. Benedict in the 5th century. Not far away, the Piano Grande (“Great Plain”) spreads out below the medieval castle-village Castelluccio, devastated in the October 2016 earthquake.

Anne’s talk will be live from Italy and will have you ready for your next trip to our bellissima Umbria.