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LIVE FROM ITALY: La Settimana Santa: Holy Week and Easter Traditions
A virtual event on Saturday, March 27 at noon
Presented by Anne Robichaud

In Assisi on Good Friday night, locals and clergy begin La Processione del Cristo Morto, beginning at the Cathedral of San Rufino and following a statue of the Sorrowful Mother to the Basilica di San Francesco, where La Madonna meets her Son.
On Easter Sunday, Umbrians feast (logicamente!) on “Blessed Food” before Mass. A decadent breakfast includes robust red wine; Torta di Pasqua, a savory cheese bread, often topped with homemade salami, prosciutto and/or capocollo;  hard-boiled eggs drizzled with the family’s olive oil and a bit of lemon juice squeezed on top; and sweet cakes with sprinkles. The ingredients used to make these foods are blessed by local priests on Holy Saturday afternoon, making them literally “Blessed Foods.”
Join us live from Assisi to discover ancient traditions connected to Holy Week. Our virtual event begins at noon on Saturday, March 27 (9 am Pacific Time, and 6 pm in Italy.)