Watching Italy in the 1980's through comedies: A film retrospective

August 21st



by Anton Evangelista

INTERVENTION is a slice-of-life family drama with universal themes of a young Italian-American couple in the Bronx of 1968 and the challenges they face with family, loyalty and the miracle they encounter that changes their lives forever. This year marks the 15th anniversary of the film, and will be available on Amazon Prime. Inspired by a true story, with a cast of mostly non-professional actors, the film went on to win many awards, including Best Drama and Best Film from prestigious film festivals as a dramatic film, about restoring faith in the family.
The film is 90 minutes in length. No nudity, some strong language and adult themes, but very mild by today's standards.

August 28th


Il piccolo diavolo (1988)

by Roberto Benigni

During an exorcism, father Maurice meets a little devil named Giuditta, who refuses to return to hell and decides to discover the world.

September 4th


Mignon è partita (1988)

by Francesca Archibugi

When her wealthy building contractor father goes on trial, 16-year-old Mignon (Céline Beauvallet) leaves Paris to visit family in Italy. The rather prim, snooty teen at first finds it difficult to fit in with her more earthy relatives, particularly as secrets are revealed about their individual dalliances. But, with the help of her lovestruck cousin Giorgio (Leonardo Ruta) and his supportive mother (Stefania Sandrelli), Mignon learns much about herself over the course of the summer.

September 11th


Compagni di scuola (1988)

by Carlo Verdone

Former high school friends meet for a party after 15 years, only to discover that much of the innocence and friendship is gone.

September 18th


Palombella Rossa (1989)

by Nanni Moretti

Because of an accident, Michele (a leader of P.C.I. and a water-polo player) loses his memory. During one water-polo match, strange guys torment him; they want him to remember his past. As the match is about to finish, he misses the penalty which would have let his team draw the match and keep the leadership.

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